Karim Bakry


My Statement


 My multicultural background brings various global influences to my art; exploring in myself and my environment the modern human condition in different cultures and all the factors that contribute to its existence.

 The only constant in my art and photography is change. I have a restless nature and find great difficulty in sticking to one thing in any realm of life. I am volatile hence my work is versatile. I go from one genre to another to keep my drive for my art alive, stimulated and motivated. The result is a wide range of diverse paths in my work and a large scope of exploration. Traveling is key to my process, meeting different people and interacting with different cultures. I take photos on emotional impulses. I expose myself to different things and that which captures my eye is instantly captured whether it be people, building, object or beauty in nature. I like mixing with geometric shapes and prospective with imagery. Aside from capturing from my surrounding I also work with set up environments. Models, installations and art sets are also a way of reflecting my output of what I take in. My work reflects on conceptual diversity, cultural differences as well as their similarities.





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